Trojan VPN (TCP, WS, GRPC) Service

A Trojan VPN with both Trojan-GFW and Trojan-GO with support Websocket and gRPC protocols

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Trojan VPN


Trojan VPN is an unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass GFW. The Trojan has multiple protocols over TLS to avoid both active/passive detection and ISP QoS limitations. Trojan VPN imitating the most common services and behave identically


Trojan-Go supports multiplexing to improve concurrency performance; uses routing modules to achieve domestic and foreign traffic distribution; supports CDN traffic transfer (based on WebSocket over TLS); supports the use of AEAD for secondary encryption of Trojan traffic (based on Shadowsocks AEAD); supports pluggable The unplugged transport layer plugin allows to replace TLS and use other encrypted tunnels to transmit Trojan protocol traffic.

More Info: Trojan GFW & Trojan GO

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